For more than 15 years I have arranged personal walks in Stockholm for visitors. Walking and talking together is a fun way to explore a city, and over the years I have had the pleasure of meeting many nice people from around the world. Thanks for letting me share all my Stockholm Stories with you!

Comments from former guests

Dear Maria, we had an amazing time in Stockholm this year and my favorite parts of the trip were your tours. Some of the best photos Michael captured were from where you walked us. Thank you so much for meeting up with us. We really enjoyed your Stockholm Stories and will take more tours with you when we come back. Thanks again!

Michael and Cherilyn, Florida, USA

Maria, thanks for our tour today. Jennifer and I enjoyed it tremendously. After we left you, we saw the Vasa – amazing. The hotel got us dinner reservations at Tradition. It was truly great, and one of our best memories of Stockholm (along with you and the Hotel Rival). The manager there was very enthusiastic about Swedish food and his restaurant. We would recommend it to anyone looking for very traditional food in a light and airy setting.

Ed and Jennifer, Washington D.C, USA

Hello Maria, we really enjoyed our visit to Stockholm so much. We would love to book you again to explore other areas of this wonderful city. Thank you very much for the glass work links. I am definitely going to use them as I do want to order some of that lovely glass.

Karin, Randburg, South Africa

Dear Maria, thank you so much for the great tour! It was really fun to meet you and learn more about the city. If you ever come to NYC, please email me… I can show you around my neighborhood!

Amy, New York, USA

The walk in the Old Town that you took my friends from France and Spain on last Saturday was nothing less than a monumental success! All of them were so happy and talked all night long about how fantastic the walk was and how incredibly knowledgeable, charming and fun you are.

Birgitta, Stockholm, Sweden

Hi Maria, just wanted to say thanks again for an excellent tour. It was definitely a highlight of our trip. I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know who plans to travel to Stockholm. Also, I think we found the sushi place on Södermalm that you recommended. It fit your description (sort of a hole in the wall). In any case, the fish, especially the salmon, was incredibly fresh and delicious.

Erika, New York, USA

Hi Maria, we both want to thank you for your Swedish hospitality today. You are very knowledgeable and facts are now just spinning in my head! . Thanks for your offer of help with my ancestry search. We did go to the archives this afternoon. One of the volunteers was most helpful. I found much information on the families.  Thanks again!

Jeannine, Illinois, USA

Hi Maria, I would like to thank you so much for the very nice walk through the Old Town. My colleagues from Brussels were so happy with their day here in Stockholm, and especially your city walk in the evening.

Ragnhild, Stockholm, Sweden

Maria Lindberg Howard

Do you speak Swedish?

Of course you do! Actually, English and Swedish have quite a lot in common. We’ll talk more about that when we meet. Until then you can practice with these useful phrases:

  • Yes – Ja [yah]
  • No – Nej [nay]
  • Hello – Hej [hay]
  • Goodbye – hej då [hay doe]
  • Excuse me – Ursäkta [ewr-shekta]
  • Thank you/Please – Tack [tak]
  • How are you? – Hur är det? [hewr eyre dayt?]
  • I’m sorry – Förlåt [furr-lawt]
  • How much is …? – Hur mycket kostar…? [hewr mewkeh costar…?]

Just like English, Swedish is on the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family. The alphabet has three extra letters – Å, Ä and Ö – which makes a total of 28 letters (W is considered a variation of V). There are hard vocals (a, o, u, å) and soft vocals (e, i, y, ä, ö). The letter “k” is pronounced soft in words like “kök” (kitchen) and hard in words like “kåk” (house) depending on the vowel. This is how the letters Å, Ä and Ö are pronounced:

  • Å,å– as in “fore”
  • Ä,ä – as in “fair”
  • Ö,ö – as in “fur”

Talk to you later! 🙂
Maria Lindberg Howard