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Private walks with a native Stockholmer

We specialize in prebooked exclusive  CITY WALKS and TEAM QUIZ WALKS for small private groups (max 10 people) to allow visitors to get to know Stockholm in a more personal way together with a native Stockholmer. These walks are arranged at a day and time of your choice. Check available dates in the CALENDAR.

Help yourself to useful information

Feel free take a virtual stroll around our site. Here you will find useful links to information about HARBORS and PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION in Stockholm. You can also download your own map to help you plan your visit. And if you’d like to get some friendly tips from an American living in Stockholm, check out THE STOCKHOLMER blog.

Medieval streets and astonishing views

Stockholm was founded in 1252  and is regarded one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world. This beauty on water is situated on 14 islands connected with more than 50 bridges. The closeness to water and greenery is what gives the city its breathtaking scenery, and every island has its own atmosphere, adding to the charm. You’ll also find many architectural jewels dating as far back as the 1500’s. Walk down meandering medieval streets in the Old Town or climb the hills of the Southern Island to take in the astonishing views of the city.

Welcome to Stockholm!