Södermalm - Charming small town atmosphere

Östermalm - Home of Stockholm's rich and famous

Kungsholmen - Lush island with the famous city hall

Norrmalm - Bustling city center

Gamla Stan - Historic Old Town Stockholm

Vasastan - Home of Pippi Longstocking

Old Town

This Historic City Walk (2 hrs) takes you to the Old Town (Gamla Stan). Take a stroll down the meandering alleys to discover the medieval side of this captivating city. You will learn about the origin of Stockholm and the everyday life of ordinary people through the centuries and changes in architecture.

Southern Island

This Historic City Walk (2 hrs) takes you to the Southern Island (Södermalm). In this old working class neighborhood you can enjoy lush parks, quaint wooden houses and astonishing views of the city. Learn about the history and the everyday people that has given this island its unique small town atmosphere.

City Combo

This City Combo Walk (3 hrs) combines the history of the Old Town and the Southern Island. Take in the medieval streets and buildings before we continue on to the southern heights, one of the city’s older neighborhoods with its quaint red wooden cottages and astonishing views over Stockholm.


On the Town

This Modern City Walk (4 hrs) is meant for well versed travelers who want to explore different parts of the Stockholm. We’ll move around using buses and metro, take in various sights, browse through stores, visit a museum and perhaps grab a bite to eat. In other words, hang out and do what the locals do.

Historic Stockholm City Walks With A Personal Touch!

Are you looking for a historic city walk in Stockholm with a personal touch? I specialize in arranging walking tours in English for small private groups of free independent travelers with a self-booked itinerary who wish to explore the city along with family and friends away from the busy pre-packaged sightseeing group tours. If you want to experience something different I’ll take you out on the town where you get to hang with the locals. Welcome to Stockholm Stories!