Historic City Walk on the Southern Island

This historic walk (2 hrs) will take you to the Southern Island (Södermalm). In this old working class neighbourhood you can enjoy lush parks, quaint wooden houses and astonishing views of the city from the hills. Learn about witches, executioners and the everyday people that has given this island its unique small town atmosphere. For fans of Stig Larsson’s Millennium books several stops that are linked to the books and movies can be added along the way. For more info and contact, see BOOKING.


Did you know this about The Southern Island (Södermalm)?

Just south of The Old Town lies Södermalm – The Southern Island. This once poor working class neighborhood has evolved into the city’s most creative and diverse district. From the rocky heights you are treated to stunning views of Stockholm. Walking down Götgatan you’ll soon end up in the quirky and trendy SoFo (South of Folkungagatan) area with an abundance of small independent fashion shops and pleasant restaurants. Scattered over the island are small enclaves old wooden houses of the working class that add to the special charm.


Historic Stockholm City Walks With A Personal Touch!

Are you looking for a historic city walk in Stockholm with a personal touch? We specialize in arranging walking tours in English for small private groups of free independent travelers (FIT) with a self-booked itinerary who wish to explore the city along with family and friends away from the busy pre-packaged sightseeing group tours. If you want to experience something different we’ll take you out On the Town where you get to hang with the locals. Welcome to Stockholm Stories!

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