On the Town with a native Stockholmer

How about having a 4th generation Stockholmer show you around the city? I specialize in Modern City personal walks (4 hrs) that allow you to see different parts of my hometown and experience everyday life with a native. The group will consist only of you and the people you are traveling with. During the day I will tell you about the places we pass along the way, and describe and explain as we go.

There’s so much to see around the city

Besides Gamla stan (Old Town), Stockholm has 5 boroughs – Kungsholmen, Norrmalm, Södermalm, Vasastan and Östermalm – all with their own charm and atmosphere and well worth a visit. Come along and explore different parts of this beautiful city. Here are just a few examples of things to see and do…
• Stroll along the lakeshore promenade (Kungsholmen)
• Check out the back streets of the downtown area (Norrmalm)
• Browse through the funky design stores in SoFo (Södermalm)
• Visit the antique shops and art galleries (Vasastan)
• Have lunch or a snack at a food hall from the 1800’s (Östermalm)
• Or we can think of something completely different…

Discover more of Stockholm on a Segway

Let’s rent Segways! It’s a fun way to explore Stockholm. In 1 hour we’ll cover Gamla stan (The Old Town), in 2 hrs we’ll take in Gamla stan and Södermalm (The Southern Island). And in 3 hrs we’ll have time to explore Gamla stan, Södermalm and Kungsholmen where City Hall is located. Traveling along the shorelines we’ll visit several historic sites while we take in the sights, sounds and atmosphere of these different islands.

Segway fun!


Beauty on water

So what would you like to do?

When you fill out the form on the Booking page to request for a walk On the Town or a Segway Tour, please tell me a little about your interests and what you’d like to see and do during your visit to Stockholm. I will do my very best to see to that you don’t miss out on anything!

Public Transportation in Stockholm

We’ll move around town by public transportation (metro, buses, trams and ferries) just like the city folks do. That will save us valuable time and it’s also a lot cheaper and faster than taking taxis or hopping on and off sightseeing buses. Read more about tickets from SL – Stockholm Public Transport.

Historic Stockholm City Walks With A Personal Touch!

Are you looking for a historic city walk in Stockholm with a personal touch? We specialize in arranging walking tours in English for small private groups of free independent travelers (FIT) with a self-booked itinerary who wish to explore the city along with family and friends away from the busy pre-packaged sightseeing group tours. If you want to experience something different we’ll take you out On the Town where you get to hang with the locals. Welcome to Stockholm Stories!

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