Historic City Walk in the Old Town

On this historic walk (2 hrs) we walk through the Old Town (Gamla Stan). Taking a stroll off the beaten track down the quiet meandering alleys we discover the medieval side of this captivating part of Stockholm. You will learn about the city’s origin and the everyday life of ordinary people through the centuries as well as changes in architecture and city infrastructure. For more info and contact, see BOOKING.


Shopping in the old town

Did you know this about The Od Town (Gamla Stan)?

The small island of The Old Town is where it all started back in 1252 when Stockholm was founded. Good trading terms were offered to foreign merchants and for a long period of time the small city had strong ties to the Hanseatic League. This helped Stockholm to grow into one of Sweden’s most important trading centres. Many of the medieval streets and buildings remain in Gamla Stan, which still is the very heart of Stockholm.

Historic Stockholm City Walks With A Personal Touch!

Are you looking for a historic city walk in Stockholm with a personal touch? We specialize in arranging walking tours in English for small private groups of free independent travelers (FIT) with a self-booked itinerary who wish to explore the city along with family and friends away from the busy pre-packaged sightseeing group tours. If you want to experience something different we’ll take you out On the Town where you get to hang with the locals. Welcome to Stockholm Stories!

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